Ionic and ion-derived solids

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Ionic and ion-derived solids

Post by Algerien1970 on Sun 17 May - 14:27

In this section we deal mainly with a very small but imporant class of solids that are commonly regarded as composed of ions. We will see how the relative sizes of the ions determine the energetics of such compounds. And finally, we will point out that not all solids that are formally derived from ions can really be considered "ionic" at all.

1 Ionic solids

The idealized ionic solid consists of two interpenetrating lattices of oppositely-charged point charges that are held in place by a balance of coulombic forces. But because real ions occupy space, no such "perfect" ionic solid exists in nature. Nevertheless, this model serves as a useful starting point for understanding the structure and properties of a small group of compounds between elements having large differences in electronegativity.

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